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Hi there!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of For The People. We ask that you carefully read our Policy Guide before deciding to join.

Most membership requests are processed within hours of their receipt, but please allow 72 hours to receive your confirmation of membership via Email before contacting us.

Here are a few tips to assist you in completing the membership form:

  1. Form Navigation:
    1. If using JFW remember to turn the forms mode on.
    2. If using WinEyes remember to turn MSAA off.

  2. Your user ID is separate from your full name and nick name. It is the name that will be associated with your password when you log onto the site.
  3. Please be careful when selecting your password. Make it unique for security reasons, but be sure to save it in the event you forget it in the future.
  4. Remember to register with your verifiable ISP E-mail address. Hotmail and other web-based E-mail addresses will not qualify for membership.
  5. When choosing your nick names, be sure to include spaces where applicable. These nick names will be shown in the locator frame and within the chat room. For example, your name may be Jane Doe, but you could use Janie, J. Doe, Ms. Doe, Jane in NJ or something whimsical such as, ButterFly. You may have two nick names.

  6. Optional Fields:
    1. The info requested at the end of this form is optional. If you choose to give us your phone number we will only call if you request technical assistance.
    2. If you choose, The box labelled "Additional Details" along with your first nick name are stored in the Member Directory. If you prefer not to be listed in the directory, be sure to leave the appropriate box unchecked.
    3. You may want to enter contact info like your MSN and E-mail address, but we cannot assure you that this data will not be used by spammers.
    4. You might include hobbies and areas of interests, your country of residence, the times you are most likely to frequent the site and similar details.
  7. Only use lower case letters for all edit fields other than your membership profile. Only letters, numbers and dashes are permissible for required fields.

Required Fields:
First Name:
Last Name:
User ID:
Enter Password Again:
Email Address:
Nick Name 1:
Nick Name 2:
Date Of Birth:
Month: Day: Year:
Optional Fields:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Include my profile data in the members directory

Additional Details:

How did you hear about us?

If you chose Other please tell us more in the box below:

By clicking the Submit button below you are stating you have read, and agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in our policy guide.
Policy Guide.

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